Being pro in your life means that you make decisions not on the easy, and playing the short game. It means making decisions and living your life, with the long game in mind. This often means that we make decisions that delay that instant gratification, and instead do what we perceive is hard - delay pleasure with perceived pain, for some future return.

This blog is an opportunity for me to share with you, what is going on in my life, and ultimately my intention is that it will help you in your life. So, why me, and you?

To be honest it is a choice that you will make, based on myself creating value for you. How am I going to create value for you? In a variety of ways. I am a voracious reader, on average reading a book a week, on a diversity of topics - philosophy, fitness, neuroscience, adventure, leadership to name a few.

I am also a constant science project, trying new things like supplements, training programs, diet, meditation and podcasts, which I will share with you as well. Ultimately I see this blog as being a place where you can go, for help, inspiration and insights and opportunities in your life.

I am also pushing my limits in my physical life, cycling, backpacking, ski touring and at the gym. I will be sharing these insights with you, and also some of the long term "Uber" goals that I have.

I am also very excited to create a dialogue with other individuals who are committed to the process of being the best possible version of themselves, unique and powerful. 

I look forward to the adventure with you.